Active / Problem Based Learning is a strategic education system that teaches the ability to think critically. With this method, the participants are forced to think about what they read, what they do and what they have learned.

Interactive training enables participants to associate the subject matter with their own experiences, preventing them from being pushed to memorize situations, formulas and dates as usual. It increases students’ participation in education and provides an opportunity to brainstorm and brings awareness to the personal thinking process.

It enables to make connections between real life and education. Gains the ability to access information. Through the discussion platform in small groups, it opens the way for an effective and useful learning.

Based on the feedback we have received, a number of problems appearing during the implementation of the Resilience Training, which is part of the problem-based education system and personal development support and have gradually gained an important place in our sector, are as follows:

  • The paths and methods are not fully understood which should be applied in the education system by the practitioners determined in the Company and Ship side.
  • Recurring sessions and perceiving these sessions as a workload,
  • Available resource which are scattered and irregular,
  • Presence of deficiencies in planning, recording, feedback, evaluation, analysis and reporting,
  • The sense of curiosity that is necessary to ensure the effective flow of education and to increase the benefits by associating it with real life, cannot be given exactly,

In order to be able to solve these problems that have emerged in this process and in this context, to create a solution package to ensure effective and efficient implementation of training, we offer the following program to the service of related companies;


  • A seminar on awareness about “Resilience Training Support Program” to be organized in your company for ship and shore personnel. The contents of the seminar will be as follows;
  • Resilience Program General Orientation
  • Sample Session and Reporting
  • LET and Resilience Modules
  • Ship Responsibilities
  • Ship Visits and Reporting (Major Visit and Reflective Learning Videos)
  • Company Responsibilities


  1. We put Resilience Education System content into a module that we have installed in our online and offline modular system and we provide more effective follow-up.
  2. We ensure that evaluation surveys can be done through the system.
  3. We use LET modules in a scenario-based learning logic to make them more effective in CBT.
  4. We turn the Resilience modules into CBT that makes it easier to implement.


All existing Resilience trainings can be integrated into our distance education system which make it easy and effective. We continue to work on developing LET and Resilience trainings with active learning logic to make them more effective. For Resilience trainings according to your request;

  • Preparation of fleet training plan,
  • Integration of this plan into the MTR training platform so that all resources can be gathered into one point,
  • Establishing the registration of each training and visit,
  • Evaluation of participants and providing a trend analysis with these evaluations (TMSA Element 3.2)
  • Ensuring the participation of the sessions in the script of Learning Engagement Tool
  • By analyzing the accidents that occur, we provide visual and memorable scenario training services as a preventive factor through our platform.