Rescue Boat Accident-A Case Study! – A New Marine Safety Video

MTR is pleased to announce the release of its new 3D animated marine safety video titles “RESCUE BOAT ACCIDENT – A CASE STUDY”


This 20 minute video will once again depict, how failure to follow laid down procedures leads to incidents and accidents.
• Watch with abated breath a “Rescue Boat “ falling down while being heaved up.
• Listen to the heart wrenching recollection of the incident from the survivor of this accident.
• Understand the Direct, Contributory and Root causes for this accident.
• Reflect upon the Human Element and how the various biases ( Expectation/Efficiency/Familiarity/Control) prejudice the human mind
• Appreciate the positive actions taken by the management in response to the accident.
• Respect the forthrightness of the senior management in clearly identifying the gaps
• Ponder & consider carefully the causes to ensure similar incidents/accidents are not repeated.
• Take a pledge to carry out the shipboard operations as per laid down procedures.

Available in a standard DVD or in a computer installable encrypted format, the video can be purchased on “Outright” or “Annualized Subscription” basis at very economical price.