Our History


Brief History of Our Company

Our founder has been started his lecturing career at Dokuz Eylul University Maritime Faculty, Deck Department at 2004 which he has graduated at 1999 with highest degree. He gave STCW trainings together with basic licence trainings. He also focused on simulator trainings and gave many seminars to both students and officers from the industry.
Some of the trainings he gave during his lecturing career are as following;
  • STCW courses (Safety, Fire Fighting, First Aid, Survival at Sea, Tanker)
  • Oil/Chemical Tanker familiarization and advanced courses
  • Oil/Chemical Cargo Handling Courses on LCHS
  • TMSA and TOTS applications
  • SAR applications
  • Conventions on Oil Spill
  • ISM/ISPS Applications
  • Tanker Terminal Safety and Operations
  • Emergency Preperadness/Contingency Planning

During this period he assisted on below papers and presented some of them;

  • Cerit G, Yılmazel M, Nas S, Alemdag, O. “Professional Skills and Ethic Training: Maritime Implementation” Ethic Symposium 18-19 December 2005, Adapazarı
  • Paker Serim, Asyalı Ender, Saatcioglu Omür, Cerit Guldem, Tuna Okan, Alemdag Ozgur(2004) “PBL in MET: One Step Further in Quality Assesment, International Maritime Lecturers Association, Imla 13, 13-17 September 2004, St. Petersburg
  • Nas S, Yılmazel M, Paker S, Gürel E, Alemdag O, “Expactations of the Maritime Industry from the Maritime Education and Training Institutions for Ocean-Going Officers” 2-3 December 2004 İzmir –Turkey
  • Prof.Dr.D.Ali DEVECI, Cpt. Yusuf ZORBA, Cpt. Ozgur Alemdag, Prof. Dr. A. Guldem CERIT, Evaluation of the Impacts of Task Based Learning (TBL) and Project based Learning(ProjectBL) Applications on Senior Maritime Students , International Maritime Lecturers Association, IMLA 14, 2-6 October 2006, Marseille-France
  • Selcuk NAS, Yusuf ZORBA, Ozgur ALEMDAG, “Task Based Learning Application on Tanker Training of Senior Students”, IMLA 15, 15-18 October 2007, Trinidad & Tobago
  • Ozgur ALEMDAG, “An Approach to Meet Tanker Training Requirements”, IMLA 16 th, 14 -17 October 2008, Izmir (Young Researcher Award)
  • Ozgur ALEMDAG, Yusuf ZORBA, “A Further Step at Tanker Training: How to Meet TOTS Requirements at MET Institutions” Maritime Education Summit: Trending & Pedagogy for the Future, Massachusetts Maritime Academy, April 15-17, 2009, Massachusetts USA
He also directed many thesis Project and worked as the Technical Consultant of EU Gemes Project.
In 2009 he started working at Yasa Shipping Company as Training Superintendent. During this 2 year he worked on the simulator center Project and gave many simulator and classroom trainings.
He faced many difficulties to meet the industry requirements during this period and started to seek for alternative ways to comply. He took the TMSA(Tanker Management Self Assessment) requirements as reference, deigned the infrastructure of the system that will comply with the requirements and documented it. He presented this study at manning and Training Conference held at Istanbul at 2011.
  • “Officers’ Training and Assessment to meet Industry Reuirements: An Integrated Model Approach by Yasa Training Center”, 14 th European Manning and Training Conference, 12-13 May 2011, Istanbul
After the termination of the Simulator Center Project he decided to establish MTR at 2011 to give training and development service as a third party to the industry and left Yasa. He made his first agreement on giving third party training service with his training and development system which he believes will assist companies to comply with the industry requirements.
During this period his ex-student Ismail Aksoy which prepared the thesis on “Developing a web based learning environment for the maritime training and education: An application on “self-assessment for job competence and training for officers and ratings” according to tanker management and self-assessment system” assisted him to prepare the training content.
Unfortunetely, due to the market conditions that time he stopped MTR’s operations and started to work at Besiktas Shipping as Training Coordinator. He convinced the top management to use this system at Besiktas with taking technical support from a software company and loaded all the MTR’s question bank and content to this system.
He also prepared a specific training manual and take the accredidation from BV as “Maritime Training Institute”. The system he developed has been granted by best practices at office TMSA audits and still used by Besiktas. He also established this system for Besiktas Shipyard for assessment and training purposes.
At 2013, after the Besiktas Shipping’s contraction decision he started to work as independent trainer on OHSAS and started meetings with the companies for MTR services.
The first contract has been signed by Densatanker at 2013 November and Cpt. Engin Buyuktepe which has a seafaring, lecturing and shipyard experience attended to the team. The question bank has been developed and together with Ismail Aksoy’s participation system started to be managed without taking any technical support.
 The CBT’s has been voiced overed, quiz and case studies added to be more effective. Also many new fetures has been added to the system. Together with the feedbacks received from our stakeholders, we improved MTR system and many companies has been passed from the third party inspections by the help of our system without any observation.

During this period he presented the below paper;

  • An Integrated Model Approach on Human Resources Training and Development at Maritime Industry, V. National Maritime Conference, 11 Nov. 2013
MTR opened first branch office at Izmir IYTE Technopark and increased the number of employers to four. We started to develop our software at our technopark branch.

We expanded the service up to 23 Company with 120 vessels and started to rent Karco videos to the shipping companies. We have some future projects regarding cloud simulation, integration with ERP systems and a Tubitak Search and Development project for the industry which will be launched in the near future. MTR will expand together with our stakeholders support and our dedication. Your feedback is our most valuable gift through this way.