MTR is established by Capt. Ozgur Alemdag, Capt. Engin Buyuktepe and Capt. Ismail Aksoy who are giving maritime related trainings, managing corporate development projects and establishing the training and development infrastructure for the last 10 years.
MTR is established to assist Shipping companies to fulfil TMSA, VIQ, STCW and MLC2006 requirements with it’s integrated and cost-effective online learning management system.
With this experience, MTR is also giving service to any industry that would like to develop a training infrastructure and system.
Our Vision

To become the leading company that is supporting the training and development with innovative and pioneering solutions.

Our Mission

Giving service to be a catalizor for human resources training and development with a cost effective, integrated and updated solutions.

Our Strategy

To focus on companies that uses safety management systems, consolidate their training and development requirements together with the industry requirements. Prepare training modules that has active learning implementations together with blended learning. Give this integrated service over our lean web based software.

Our Team

Engin Buyuktepe
Project Manager
Ismail Aksoy
Director of Product Development
Burkay Hasdemir
Finance Manager
Berk Zincir
Project Manager
İlhan Keskin
Game Developer
Barış Selayet
Software Developer
Özgün Nalbantoğlu
Asst. Project Manager
Mehmet Güler
Game Developer
Emine Tokmak
3D Artist
Gülsüm Güneşen Yıldız
Asst. Project Manager
Dilek Erdem Memişoğlu
Quality Assurance Manager
Taylan Mun
Software Developer
Adil Tutulmaz
Training Development Specialist
Mert Önsal
3D Artist


11Years Experience
23Corporate Customers