Maritime Industry

consultancyBesides IMO STCW requirements, industry has many training needs from the Shipping companies. TMSA (Tanker Mangement Self Assessment) which is first published at 2004 by OCIMF, became an industry standard to evaluate the companys’ performance. Similar standartds and controls will also be implemented at the other type of vessels in the near future. Together with STCW 2010 amendments, most of the trainings has been inserted to the education system but there is still a great gap to be filled by the Shipping companies themselves.

These issues have brought a great reponsibility to the shoulders of the shipowners which also doesn’t have enough resource and knowhow on how to fulfill the requirements.

From this point of view, MTR has been established by a team that has maritime, training and informatics background to assist Shipping companies to fulfill this requirements with a cost effective way. Our priority is to fulfill this requirements effectively by also reducing the training budget to an effordable level. With our vast experience at the industry, we are well aware of the requirements and have all the arguments to fullfill.

We are giving consultancy service to analyse the training needs regarding the TMSA, VIQ, STCW, MLC 2006, OHSAS and find reliable solutions.

Over our software it is easy to fullfill the below requirements;

  • Assessments for attendees
  • Pscyhometric, personality, risk behaviour tests
  • Training Need Analysis
  • Planing the required trainings and follow up
  • Onboard assessment and training
  • Training evaluation
  • Preparing the annual training plan
  • Annual Company Run Seminars
  • Corporate Cultural Development Projects
  • Health Campaigns
  • Training Bullettins