Our primary aim is to ensure that the relevant training requirements are met effectively in the Turkish maritime sector and to produce solutions that will reduce the total training costs of companies.

In addition, we provide consultancy service on integrated management system in accordance with ISO 9001: 2015 Quality management, 14001: 2015 Environmental management, TMSA 3 and ISM requirements.


Our team can organize all the seminars run by your company and can give you many trainings such as behavior-oriented training.


  • TMSA 3 Awareness Training
  • Behavior Based Safety (TMSA 3 – 9.3.2)
  • Stop Work (TMSA 3 – 9A.2.1)
  • Unsafe Act Awareness (TMSA 3 – 9.3.2)
  • Incident Investigation (TMSA 3 – 8.1.5)
  • Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment (TMSA 3 – 9A-2.2)
  • Media Handling (TMSA 11.2.3)
  • Interpersonal Skill Trainings (TMSA 2.4.3)
  • Team Building
  • Presentation Skills
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Effective Communication

ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management and ISO 14001: 2015 Environmental Management systems internal auditor trainings can be given by our expert instructors.


We have started to provide services covering the following issues through regular visits to the ships.

  • Navigation Audit (TMSA 3 – 5.4)
  • Pre-vetting Inspection
  • Resilience Awareness and Application Training
  • Safety Audit (on checklists to be prepared on specific issues which determine by yourself)

The service provided within this scope can be planned to meet the definition of “Fleet Safety Trainer” specified in TMSA 9A 4.2 and after the ship visit, a comprehensive report can be submitted to you as stated in TMSA.

Services defined in External Training Consultant specified in TMSA 11.3. can be provided by our side. All of the above-mentioned onboard services can be carried out as a package during just one-week voyage.


Tanker Management Self-Assessment (TMSA) was first introduced in 2004 by OCIMF (The Oil Companies International Marine Forum) as a tool for tanker operators to measure and develop their own management systems and in 1 July 2008, it was put into force as its second version of TMSA2.

TMSA 3 content, which will enter into force on 01.01.2018, is expanded according to the previous version and additional requirements have been introduced.

In this context, the content of our TMSA 3 consultancy is as follows:

  • TMSA 3 Awareness Training
  • GAP Analysis (ref: Element 1A / 1A.4)
  • Developing vision, policies, procedures, necessary forms and KPI’s
  • Fixing the GAPS and improvement
  • Preparing the TMSA Submission
  • Organising Company Run Seminar
  • Giving Behaviour Based Safety Training (ref: Element 9 / 9.3)
  • Final Inspection and Reporting

Note: Our consultant team has experienced people who are actively working as head auditor of TMSA