Online Training

All of your training needs in one package…

MTR, which established a system to fulfill the industry training requirements for Shipping companies that is class approved, establishes separate specific systems for every company according to their training and assessment needs. BP has granted this with best practices at TMSA audit. By this way we allow you to meet the requirements with a cost effective way and allow seafarers to use their time, effectively during shore time. With the usage of internet onboard nowadays, we are allowing seafarers a life long learning environment and empower the corporate memory.

  • Pscyhometric Test – Risk Perception Measurement
  • Occupational Test for every rank and ship type for both shore and ship personnel
  • English Assessments with audible and visual questions to measure the language competence
Orientation Training
  • Preparing the Company Specific Orientation Training
  • Developing the SQEMS Training Module for every Rank
  • Developing prejoining trainings
CBT ( Computer Based Trainings)
  • Ship Safety Officer
  • Incident Investigation
  • Effective Anchoring
  • Cook Training
  • Steward Training
  • Electrical Safety and Practices Onboard
  • Security Awareness
  • Environmental Awareness
  • Alcohol Test Equipment Training
  • Vessel General Permit
  • IAMSAR Training
  • Navigation In Ice
  • Operation In Ice
  • Energy Conservation
  • Oil Record Book Part 1 *New
  • Oil Record Book Part 2 *New
  • Garbage Mangement and Garbage Record Book *New
Other Features
  • Update Trainings
  • Ship Positions
  • Industry Daily News
  • Monthly Training and Health Bullettin
  • Ship Specific Trainings