New Marine Safety Video: “Mooring Accidents” Now available!

MTR is pleased to announce the release of its new 3D animated marine safety video titles “MOORING ACCIDENTS”


Once again developed using the powerful and effective 3D animation platform, the video graphically depicts the following:


  • A “Hangman’s Noose” is not the only place where a rope kills a person
  • 10 different incidents at the mooring stations
  • Some very gruesome fatal accidents digitally recreated
  • Some common mistakes that lead to various incidents at the mooring stations
  • Important mooring accident statistics as reported  by a leading PNI club graphically recreated
  • The most common errors committed which have the potential to lead to serious/fatal situations.
  • Preventive actions which would mitigate the risks at mooring stations largely.


A 13 minute video which in a short span of time quickly raises the awareness of the crew substantially and greatly contributes to risk mitigation on board the vessel when dealing with mooring operations.

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